Starting in 2014, 2nd Wave Fitness (PTY) LTD has been established as a sports, health, and recreation company in Lesotho with a particular emphasis on strength and conditioning methods related to physical training, together with Biokinetics being a second and vital component of the business. The philosophy of the organisation is that the benefits of a healthy body translate to both a healthy mind, and healthy spirit. The principles that underlie an effective health and fitness programme spill over into other areas of life, to holistically improve the standard of living of those taking part in such a programme.  


Contemporary isolation exercises tend to focus on building specific muscle but often fall short of augmenting the general fitness and wellness of the people executing them. In order to fully realise the benefits of exercise and the subsequent augmentation in standard of living, exercise must be able to address all the core physical systems of the body. This is what our training methods are about, and its mixture with biokinetics adds an additional wellness aspect which includes effective rehabilitation. 

We’ve built our amazing and unique fitness program around our members.  We have learned by observing. Our members are our friends, family and coworkers and we listened to what works for them, what they like best about our centre and how we can better serve them.  So we implemented the program our members love, depend on and see results with!

Our team of dedicated coaches have come together to deliver the program exactly as it is intended. The stimulus provided are by design - constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Our specialty is not specializing and our goal is constant progress. The atmosphere is welcoming, and is one of support and camaraderie to anyone seeking physical fitness!





Molupe grew up in the sporting industry, with almost 20 years of basketball coaching under his belt. He has coached at various levels including national, and is therefore no stranger to the requirements of high performance athletics and what it takes to get the most out of a training programme. His interest is particularly in development coaching and he is currently working on youth development through sport as well as using the principles of sports to improve our social and community development. He therefore has a huge interest in nurturing the community aspect of 2ndWave.  One of his primary focuses is using the principles that are learnt on the gym floor to change one's general outlook in life and create a better overall standard of living. 

"The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak... So conquer the flesh and the world will be yours for the taking"




Khabele studied Exercise Science at the Institute of Fitness Professionals in Johannesburg and he has a passion for seeing athletes transform; from talking about it to actually experiencing it through the programmed workouts. Seeing athletes wanting to do more in the gym and then doing the same in other daily activities is what drives him and fuels his creativity. Khabele also has a Level 1 Crossfit Certificate and a  Crossfit Judges Certificate. Khabele is fascinated with constant learning and problem-solving and his life outside the gym revolves around creating businesses. Like his athletes, he transfers the energy he derives from the gym to that area of his life. 

“Do MORE cause very few actually get the opportunity”